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Customize Your Market-Focused Strategy

All Pilot Projects Begin with our Strategic Customization Process of:

  • Understanding your Goals

  • Listening to your Needs

  • Developing a strategy for B2B Lead Generation

  • Customizing your project for B2B Appointment Setting

  • Managing results by Market Response & Performance Metrics

The Steps to Creating Your Market-Focused Strategy:

We plan with you to identify the target results you want to achieve. During a telephone strategy session, we completely customize your pilot project to meet your needs. The Strategic Customization Process includes the following:

  • Identify your Ideal Customer Profile

Together, we develop the target audience regarding list and database criteria, such as the size of the companies by employees or revenue, vertical markets and industries (SIC codes), as well as, the geographical area (zip codes, cities, metropolitan areas, counties, or states).

  • Create a "Target Prospect" Profile

Create a profile by identifying the key decision maker’s function and the most commonly used titles.

  • Develop the script - the framework for the conversation with your decision maker 

We partner with you shoulder-to-shoulder to develop an effective, powerful, attention-generating script after reviewing your value proposition, benefits, key differentiators, specific offering and previous scripts. The script development is an interactive process. We do not move forward until you approve the script.

  • Identify the five most common objections

  • Identify the five most effective rebuttals to those objections

  • Memorize and Learn

We memorize and learn your product or service offering description and details by reading your literature, collateral materials and website content.

  • Uncover Answers to FAQ's

We discuss the responses to common questions, such as “How long have you been in business?”, “Why are you different?”, “How can I benefit from your services?”, “Who are some of your clients?” and more. . .

  • Discuss your scheduling preferences

We discuss the responses to common questions, such as “How long have you been in business?”, “Why are you different?”, “How can I benefit from your services?”, “Who are some of your clients?” and more...

  • Discuss your market conditions, competition, clients, case studies, testimonials, success stories

  • Utilize 800 Numbers

Our way to make it easy for your market to respond to our call.   Our response is seamless.  In essence, we become your inside sales team for setting appointments.

  • Cold Call Three Hours A Day to Avoid Burnout

Our Professional Appointment Setters dial a maximum of three hours per day instead of eight hours on your project to avoid burnout and maximize performance.

  • Match The Best-Suited Professional Appointment Setter 

As one of the most critical steps in assuring the success of your project, we evaluate your needs and match the best Professional Appointment Setter based on their background, experience level, skill set, the pace of speech and personality.

  • Quality Assurance

We dedicate a Project Manager to your account for meeting or exceeding your expectations regarding results. The role of the Project Manager is to communicate with you and the Professional Appointment Setter. Once your project is launched, the Project Manager will talk with you on a regular basis to exchange information to accelerate, ramp up and climb the learning curve rapidly.

We will provide two to four daily reports of metrics by 1:00 PM ET and e-mail all appointments, qualified leads and requests for literature for your B2B Appointment Setting Pilot project. In essence, we become your inside sales team. We are committed to setting qualified appointments that you can close thereby increasing sales, improving your ROI and developing a long-term relationship with you.

A Winning Strategy. Team Effort. Results.

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