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Compare Blue Zebra Appointment Setting to Traditional Telemarketing

Blue Zebra Appointment Setting

Telemarketing Call Centers

Our Professional Appointment Setters are smart, articulate, organized and are often complimented for the sound of their voices. They are professionals, who are seasoned and have extensive business experience. They are "hunters", who are proficient in conducting executive-level communication. They are in the upper 20% of performance.

Often the teams have average intelligence, moderate quality sounding voices and minimal business experience. They are not truly "hunters." They are unseasoned, often students hired right out of school and with beginning-level communications skills. An inbound caller does not possess the same skills as an outbound, seasoned professional.

We are B2B specialists. We are cold calling hunters who know how to engage top level business executives to deliver well-qualified leads and to set qualified appointments according to your parameters. Everything we do is customized to you.

The majority of call centers and telemarketing firms are focused on B2C, residential cold calling, with a small slice of their business in B2B cold calling. The skill set for outbound, B2B calling is very different from calling consumers at home. Do you really want B2C agents calling your business market?

Our focus is strong qualified leads and appointments that drive results, ROI and long-term relationships. We seek opportunities for you to sell. We use a consultative approach to help our clients grow their business. Many of our clients renew with us time and time again.

The focus is on creating activity and not necessarily sales or even a long term commitment. They seek the short term gain that may not necessarily result in sales or an ROI for you. You may just simply be busy. What % of their clients renew? Can they offer renewal referrals? We can.

100% Integrity with Zero Compromise. Each appointment setter, manager or staff member operates with a strong commitment to integrity - nothing less.

Integrity can be absent or simply a lower standard is required of their telemarketing agents.

Principles and values are never compromised.

Principles and values are compromised. Some agents will say things that are not truthful in qualifying a lead or setting an appointment and representing your company. Some firms will produce poorly or partially qualified appointments which will only waste your time.

Our management focuses on results and long term relationships. Our long term relationship business model rewards our PAS on renewal or repeat projects only.

Client management is focused on call center management model, which is often focused on pilot projects only with no concern for renewals.

High Standards set to be met by appointment setters. Require upper 20 % performance rankings. Best-in-class or top guns in the industry - Period.

Minimal Standards required for call center or telemarketing agents. Pay low wages with little incentives, which attracts similar low quality talent.

High Standards. Require minimum of 7-10 years of business experience.

Minimal Standards required. Call centers are often located around colleges and universities so they may hire many students lacking real-world business experience.

High Standards set for all Professional Appointment Setters to have at least 5-7 years of recent, actual outbound appointment setting experience. We do not accept inbound, customer service, market research, survey or help desk experience – period.

Minimal Standards. Telemarketing firms require a couple to a few years of business experience and no or little actual outbound appointment setting or lead generation experience that meet a "Hunter" rather than a "Gatherer" profile.

Comprehensive customization process involving 15 steps and packed with key benefits to produce more results.

Lacks customization process, “just get a script and go” mentality, weak understanding of value proposition, industry, market conditions, objections, rebuttals and overall go-to-market strategy.

Thirty minutes of advanced training daily to sharpen the saw, including situational role playing and collaborative troubleshooting for all projects to maximize performance.

Little or none offered.

More experienced management that coaches and empowers each appointment setter. Management practices are strong, well-embedded and sustainable.

Weak to moderate management often involving a supervisory level manager, who is supervising a less experienced telemarketing agent. Often the agent is in school or has recently graduated and lacks the business and cold calling expertise to conduct a conversation with a high-level executive. High turnover rate.

Provide a maximum of four daily reports by 1:00 PM ET.

Absent or one report. Most reports lack a true accounting of how time was spent with prospects, as well as, neglect to gather and report market information that can impact the quality of the project's results.

We leverage market intelligence obtained from our daily dialing, reporting and analysis within the database to detect market trends or patterns. We then steer the next day's prospecting efforts toward those "hot" markets.

Absent. Most telemarketing firms and call centers are set up for B2C inbound campaigns and inbound reports, not outbound sales, lead generation or appointment setting programs.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You can stop at any point for any reason. You will receive any unspent monies minus the initial customization fees. We do not lock you into a contract. We are confident in our ability to produce quality results.

Many say they do offer a guarantee. Some don’t deliver on their promises. Many telemarketing and call centers lock their clients into a minimum commitment of 100, 250, 500 and even a 1,000 hours in their contract.

Dedicated Professional Appointment Setter will dial a maximum of 3 hours a day to avoid burnout and maximize performance.

Does not necessarily dedicate the same professional to the project and most agents will cold call eight hours a day. The resulting problems are a lack of continuity, constant learning curve, burnout and decrease in performance.

Utilize Virtual Appointment Setting Model to draw from a larger talent pool within the entire US and to uncover top performers and executive-level professional appointment setters.

Call Center model restricted to one geographical area and further restricted to uncovering telemarketing agents in the top tier in that area only.

Specialize only in B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting with a laser-beam focus, which is why we are recognized as an industry leader. We do not water down our specialization by offering any other marketing services. We partner with you and your sales and marketing teams to improve revenue.

Lack the same level of specialization evidenced by their reliance upon a multitude of services including Inbound Telemarketing, Customer Service, Market Research, Internet Marketing, Direct Mail, Advertising, Database Services, List Brokerage or Sales Consulting. Master of none.

INDUSTRY ALERT: We have received many complaints about the pay-for-performance model. It is the Number One Complaint we receive from new clients and prospects.

They tell us it starts out OK with one or two quality appointments and then the project begins to fail. Since Management is only paid on performance, they apply pressure upon their telemarketers. The agents are paid on performance as well and know that if they don't put something on the board, they will receive nothing. The agents begin to produce poorly, semi or quasi qualified appointments and often, the quality of these appointments is poor and a waste of time.

Let's Partner and Build Your Business!

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