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Investment To Increase Sales

Investment For Professional Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

We recommend beginning with a pilot project. With your investment of $2,500, we will develop a market-focused, market-driven strategy.  We will test it in your target marketplace and deliver qualified appointments to your specifications.  Should we encounter market conditions that stand in the way of qualified appointments, we will report the conditions to you as soon as we uncover them, so, together, we will adjust the variables within our mutual control in order to deliver quality leads and appointments within your target market.  We are committed to revealing the market's response at all times, so we can continuously improve results.


By leveraging our many years of strong marketing and business development expertise in the business-to-business marketplace, we will assist you in targeting specific companies by carefully considering the strategy, geography, revenue, employee size and industry.  Also, we will leverage the information you provide, prior to and after our mutual strategy session, to custom tailor a script, identify the 5 most common objections, develop rebuttals, identify the FAQ’s, determine the value proposition, determine the available schedule and match the appropriate professional appointment setter to you.


Once we have your script and list approval, we will select a dedicated appointment setter to dial 20 hours within your desired target marketplace within a 3-week period.  Unlike other firms in our space, we do not dial just to dial.  We marry our strong, quality-focused expertise with your knowledge of your business and target prospects to create results.  Daily, you will receive comprehensive dialing reports by 1:00 PM EST, within which we will document our results and the market’s reaction to your offer.  It is always in our mutual best interest to work closely to co-create a winning market strategy.  The success of the pilot is greatly dependent upon open communication between our teams and a timely response to the market.  At the conclusion of the pilot, both teams will come together to discuss the results to date and determine how to move forward to benefit you, your prospects and your market.


Commitment to the Pilot Project

We request a strong commitment to the pilot's success as we collaboratively work with you and your team. Our mission is to serve you at all times and to produce quality results. Therefore, you are not locked into your contract with us. You may stop at anytime.  There is a specific clause in our agreement that allows you to break our agreement at any point in time, for non-performance, at will, or for any reason whatsoever and you would receive any unspent monies minus the initial customization, which is half of the initial investment of $2,500 or $1,250.  After the initial pilot, we will determine together, the number of hours to dedicate to continue to nurture the created pipeline and continued results.  We are interested in developing long term relationships with our clients. We are confident in our performance.



Next Steps Following the Pilot Project

Based upon the market knowledge and results obtained within the pilot project, many clients continue to partner with us.  They appreciate the quality of the results, as well as, learn a great deal about their market through us.  There are some clients who will choose to take the project in house.  However, most clients will continue to outsource to us immediately following a successful pilot and on an ongoing basis.  In those cases, they will choose to renew for a set number of weeks each month.  Together, we determine the appropriate next steps based upon the level of results achieved and the number of results needed to achieve our client's desired sales results.


Renewal Plans

As you consider your renewal investment, we recommend evaluating your next steps with us by reflecting upon whether one sale from one of our quality appointments will more than cost justify your investment in our services.  Most renewing clients tell us, based upon the nature of their sale and the quality of the appointments received during the pilot, "Of course!"


Within all of our renewal projects, we continue to leverage our marketing and business development expertise through ongoing strategic analysis and recommendations.  In addition, we have a dedicated professional appointment setter cold calling daily for a minimum of 2 hours per day with ongoing list management and daily reporting of our mutual progress. Our focus is continuous improvement, with a constant focus on streamlining all that we do in order to increase results with your desired market's cooperation.   Therefore, the utilization and pacing of the hours are guided by the desired results, size of the target list and ability for our client to handle the volume of quality appointments delivered.  We partner with you and pace our work accordingly.  We know you will only return if you are receiving a strong ROI each time you renew with us and we seek long term relationships with our clients.


List Management

List management plays an important part in our renewal process.  The target dialing list is continuously evaluated, organized and tagged in order to produce the best results.  We move toward segments that have proven to be successful and move away from market segments that have proven to be unsuccessful in driving results.  For example, a daily strategic analysis of the daily call reports may show a pattern or market trend that yielded more appointments or presentations to decision makers in a revenue size of $20M to $50M, or employee size from 100–500 employees, or a vertical market penetration in the Pharmaceutical Industry or a specific zip code. As a result, we will tag records, organize the database and target cold calling efforts toward those groups that yielded the greatest results.  In addition, we will consistently build the pipeline, capitalize on the opportunities within the database and search to continually uncover the market’s response to your offer.  Our ongoing strategic analysis and constant list management is critical after months or years to better manage the target list, territory and database to avoid the duplication of efforts and to maximize your results. The extra attention to detail and time devoted to the ongoing project pays dividends in setting, ongoing quality appointments.


Decisions are the doorway to change.  

Change starts from a moment of decision.

One decision can change your business forever.

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