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Daily Reports & Analytics

Performance Management & Analytics

Results. Results. Results. Each Professional Appointment Setter is unrelenting in their pursuit of results. We are never satisfied. Our clients demand qualified leads and appointments with an emphasis on qualified. One reason our lead generation and appointment setting services are effective in producing results is our focus on performance management and analytics. Performance management is the lynchpin of our organization. Call monitoring, coaching and ongoing training allows the Project Managers or Relationship Managers to measure the qualitative performance of each Professional Appointment Setter and to make adjustments in generating qualified leads and setting better qualified appointments. Using analytics and quantitative comparison reporting, we are able to analyze these metrics and translate them into insight, action and even better results. For our clients, our approach means more qualified sales leads, quality appointments and a boost in sales.

Reporting Results Daily

Our Professional Appointment Setters capture Every Minute And Every Company Called. We e-mail a minimum of two reports to you by 1:00 PM ET, daily. These two reports confirm all companies called and account for every minute of calling.

Report #1 - Appointment Report

This report includes your qualified appointments with all the address information confirmed and all the corporate information and pertinent notes are included in this MS Word document.  Also, we confirm all appointments for you two days in advance of the appointment date.


Report #2 - Literature Request Report

This report includes the requests we receive for literature or more information to be sent to the decision maker before he will set an appointment.  All the address information is confirmed and all the corporate information and pertinent notes are included in this MS Word document.


Report #3 - Daily Summary Report

This report summarizes the overall statistics for the previous day of calling, such as the total number of dials, the number of presentations to decision makers, the % conversion ratio of those two metrics, the number of appointments, the number of cancellations, the number of call backs and the number of requests for literature. Each Professional Appointment Setter takes ownership of their project and is fully accountable and responsible for results represented in the pages of this MS Excel document.


Report #4 - Notes History Report

This report is the most important, popular and valued report according to our clients. This report provides an accountability of all the companies and decision makers that were contacted. All of our Professional Appointment Setters use a CRM software solution, which is connected to their dialer via a modem. You can open this report in MS Word and receive a report of all the companies and contacts made during the previous hours of calling including the company information, the contact information, titles, a date stamp, a time stamp, the duration of each call or “hang time” plus all the notes, comments, history, key discussion points and next action steps typed in for every call. You will never have a question as to how the time was spent or ask, “I wondered if the Professional Appointment Setter called today?” Every second and minute will be accounted for during the hours of calling.


With Blue Zebra Appointment Setting services, you will never wonder what your appointment setter is doing. Reports will account for time spent, future activity generated in the pipeline, lead generation and, most importantly, qualified appointments.

The Difference Is In The Details. Achieving Measurable Results.

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