The Blue Zebra Difference

Standing Apart In Serving Our Clients.
When Entrepreneurs, Owners, CEOs, Presidents, Marketing, Sales and Business Development Executives of small, mid-market and Global 3000 companies select their B2B appointment setting firm, Blue Zebra Appointment Setting services stand apart – in a class of its own.

Why Is Blue Zebra Effective At Producing Results?
Our Values -100% Integrity
Integrity, honesty, trust, keeping promises, always doing the right thing, accountability, responsibility and “The Golden Rule” are our governing values -- the cornerstone on which the company is built. Our principles are never compromised. There is no substitute for integrity. Period. The owner answers to a higher authority and will not tolerate anything less than 100% compliance. Period.
Our People -Results, Results, Results Focused
Reasons why BZAS is effective at producing results:
Hire Top Performers Only. We only hire experienced appointment setters that have performed in the upper 20% of performance rankings. This is determined by a grueling interview process that involves multiple interviewers over multiple sessions with multiple role-play scenarios. In addition, we verify past performance with their last three employers. They are the Best-of-the-Best, Best-of-Breed and the Top Guns in the industry, bar none. We never compromise our standards for results. We are passionate about appointment setting. Unlike traditional telemarketing, our high standards, high-caliber, B2B, professional appointment setters and our uniques customization process enable us to provide highly qualified appointments.
We require a minimum of 7 to 10 years of business experience. We are not a boiler-room operation, call center or a telemarketing firm. We do not hire people just out of high school or college. We feel they lack real-world business experience and don’t have enough busy savvy and business acumen to effectively navigate through corporations and have an intelligent dialogue with top executives, C-level executives, middle management and presidents and owners of businesses and firms. And most importantly, to talk with these decision makers in a professional, confident, natural, conversational style type of dialogue that we deem to be effective in the marketplace. We use a proprietary, top-down approach calling large Fortune 500, Global 3000 corporations, mid-sized companies, as well as small businesses and firms. We are effective at prospecting or cold calling all three sizes of businesses. In addition, our B2B appointment setting clients consist of Fortune 500, Global 300 0 and high-profile clients. However, the majority of our clients are small and mid-sized companies.
We require a minimum of 5 to 7 years of actual outbound appointment setting experience meeting a “hunter” profile. We don’t hire people with inbound, customer service, research or survey experience or a “gatherer” profile. In other words, the professional appointment setters (PAS) must have a successful track record of results as a prerequisite for hiring. You benefit because the PAS already understands the concept that it is a numbers game, has learned how to get around gatekeepers and screeners and to the decision makers, has experience with handling voice mail and knows how to deal with rejection, plus they are in the upper 20% of performance rankings. So, there is a high probability they will be successful from the start of your appointment setting campaign. This is what differentiates our telesales solutions from other call centers and telemarketing firms. 
Advanced Training Daily. We provide ongoing, advanced appointment setting training – Top Gun training. We are committed to providing effective training, coaching and support to our PAS. Enhancing performance includes 30 minutes of advanced appointment setting training daily. Learn. Inspire. Practice. Role play. Master. Never quit. Always sharpen the saw. Our managers and trainers coach and support each PAS to maximize their potential and take their appointment setting skills to the next level.
Leverage Market Intelligence Derived From Database Analysis Daily. We leverage market intelligence obtained from daily reports and analysis within the database to detect market trends or patterns. We then steer or target the next days prospecting efforts toward those “hot” markets. For example, a daily database analysis from a call report may show a pattern or market trend that yielded more appointments or presentations to decision makers in a revenue size of $250M to $500M or employee size from 100–500 employees, or a vertical market penetration in the Pharmaceutical Industry or a specific zip code. As a result, we would tag records, organize the database and target our cold calling efforts on those groups that yielded the greatest results.
Cold Call Four Hours A Day To Avoid Burnout. Our PAS only work four hours per day instead of eight hours on your project to avoid burnout and maximize performance.
Daily Reports & Analytics. Learn More. We will provide four daily reports of metrics by 1:00 ET and e-mail all appointments, qualified leads and requests for literature for your B2B appointment setting campaign.
Strictly Appointment Setting & Lead Generation. We specialize only in B2B Appointment Setting with a laser-beam focus. We do not water down our specialization by offering any other marketing services such as Inbound Telemarketing, Customer Service, Research, Internet Marketing, Direct Mail, Advertising, Database Services, List Brokerage or Sales Training. Period. We focus on one service, appointment setting, and we do it well. This is why we are recognized as the industry leader.
Pioneer in Virtual Appointment Setting Model. Since 1989, we have been a pioneer of the Virtual Appointment Setting Model. From the start, we made a commitment to hire only the best-of-the-best or PAS that are in the upper 20% of performance rankings. That is our benchmark. If we would have chosen one geographical area, such as Dallas or San Francisco, we would be restricted to that geographical location. In addition, the pool of candidates would be further reduced because we hire only the upper 20% of performers. As a result, we selected a virtual model whereby the entire United States is available as a geographical resource. All our PAS work from their homes, are linked to us with technology and have software that accounts for every minute of cold calling. Each of them communicates with their Manager on a daily basis, have 30 minutes of advanced training daily, as well as, review performance statistics and set goals daily. Some PAS say they have more interaction with us than they ever did at a physical location. Remember the top guns in any industry demand higher compensation, greater flexibility and more life-style choices. We understand that continued success depends upon Blue Zebra’s ability to meet its Professional Appointment Setters evolving needs.
Our Unique Customization Process. Learn More.
The Hallmark Of Our High Performance Standards Are Leadership, Experience, Applied Technology And A Distinctive Level Of Personal Service.


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