Sales Consulting To Increase Revenue
Sales Consulting

We help small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) improve sales results and build revenue. Our approach provides the architecture for sustainable, repeatable results in sales effectiveness and revenue generation.

Sales Turnaround Specialists. We understand sales organizations. We know you are facing significant business issues in the global and local marketplace. Our consulting services will help solve mission-critical problems and enable your sales organization to achieve significant improvements in sales efficiencies and revenue growth.  We restructure, overhaul and rebuild world class sales organizations. We are experts in creating real change in sales – fast.  
Our Sales Consulting Approach. Our goal is to offer objective analysis, sound strategy, and effective implementation to enable your sales organization to achieve your top-line sales revenue target. We will focus upon four areas in your sales organization: strategy, people, process and technology. Our solutions include:
·         Set-up, restructure, overhaul, rebuild and re-engineer professional outside, face-to-face sales teams, inside sales or telesales teams, and appointment setting teams.
·         Assess and recommend appropriate changes in people, process and technology to better support the overall sales process in your organization.
·         Act as Interim Sales Manager or Chief Sales Officer (CSO). Consult, manage, coach, guide and lead the outside sales team and inside sales team to drive more revenue. 
·         Hire, train and manage high performance face-to-face sales teams and inside sales teams. 

·         Set up and structure appointment setting and lead generation teams. Establish list criteria and source, CRM solution, establish standards for monitoring recorded cold calls, tracking and reporting lead gen activities. Analyze lead gen performance, metrics and results. Design script, objections and rebuttals.

Sales Consulting Services 

·         Review of sales headcount, sales job functions and descriptions, staffing profile, recruiting process and sales assessment testing. 


·         Evaluate compensation plans. Does your compensation plan motivate your sales force to achieve results? 


·        Provide professional, world-class sales management strategies, tactics, techniques and benchmark “best practices” to generate sales, meet forecasts, and build revenue.


·         Improve and standardize sale processes and procedures. 


·         Upgrade sales systems involving monitoring, measuring, tracking and reporting sales activities. Analyse sales performance, metrics and results compared to goal. 


·         Create, build and deploy strategic sales solutions using a consultative, solution-focused, relationship-based selling approach preferring a top-down or VITO entrée combined with a “strategic selling” penetration calling on “C”- level and senior-level executives for Global 1000, mid-market and small companies.


·         Review performance standards required to achieve sales targets, lead and pipeline management, lead to sales ratios, average order amount, average monthly sales.


·         Review sales productivity tools and effectivenss of sales message, scripts, reference material, actual selling and qualifying time versus administrative time, product, sales, and systems skills evaluation, resource requirements from technical support and administration, work environment and equipment. 

Sales Consulting Services 
·         Pipeline acceleration and pipeline management. Implement changes in the sales process to shorten the sales cycle, optimize win/loss rates, benchmark prospecting "best practices", prospect qualifying guidelines, and proposal/quote development guidelines
·         Upgrade the internal sales processes to strengthen acquisition and retention of client relationships and partnerships. 
·         Improve forecasting programs to be able to forecast sales targets with consistency. 
·         Evaluation of current CRM software.
·         Improve training programs that sharpen their skills and equip your sales team with selling strategies and techniques to sell effectively in a competitive market.
·         Sales management coaching. Corporate sales vision, sales territory alignment, plan effective sales meetings, performance evaluation procedures, sales leadership and accountability, motivate the sales team, salesperson business planning and sales reporting.
Build Revenue. Accelerate Sales. Optimize.

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