Lead Generation & Qualified Appointments


Our Professional Telemarketing Solutions Include:

Executive-Level Appointment Setting. Our B2B appointment setting professionals specialize in setting highly qualified B2B appointments that produce new sales opportunities. Our smart, articulate, seasoned, professionals will initiate executive-level decision-makers in a meaningful dialogue about your product or service.

Quite simply, appointment setting is defined as setting qualified appointments that adhere to strict qualifying criteria establilshed by both BZAS and the client. We generate highly qualified sales leads by identifying the decision maker, verifying their authority, identifying their expressed interest/need for your solutions, corroborating a budget to purchase your solution, establishing the buying timeframe and identifying the competition. The client may add additional qualifying questions to affirm a qualified appointment. Next, we schedule qualified:

  • Face-to-face appointments
  • Telephone appointments
  • Invite executives to webinars, seminars or an event

B2B Lead Generation And Lead Qualification. The difference between a lead generation program and an appointment setting campaign is that a lead generation program stops one step short of setting a qualified appointment. Some clients, involved in a complex sale that requires a vast knowledge of the industry or strong knowledge capital, prefer us to qualify the lead and then hand it over to the client to have an in-depth business discussion and qualify the lead more thorougly before they actually set a qualified appointment.


Should I Stop Wasting My Top Salespeople On Cold Calling? Many sales and marketing executives have realized the cost effectiveness of outsourcing their appointment setting and lead generation needs. By implementing “The Modern Sales Management Model”, which has been embraced by many larger companies and national sales organizations and often overlooked by mid-sized and smaller companies, many companies have doubled or tripled their revenue. The key to this model is the separation of cold calling, sales lead generation and appointment setting from the actual face-to-face selling and marketing performed by an outside sales force.

Many benefits are realized from using this model. First of all, a singular focus of each function allows both teams of professionals to specialize and play to their strengths. Our telemarketing services free your top salespeople to do what they do best – use their knowledge capital, top-notch communication, presentation, negotiating and closing skills to close deals. Since 93% of all outside salespeople hate or dislike telephone cold calling, they perform poorly.

By outsourcing the cold calling to competent telemarketing, lead generation and appointment setting services, the outside sales team is increasing their face time with potential clients and using their time and skills more effectively. They spend more time in front of qualified prospects selling and less time pursing marginal sales leads. As a result, the high performance salespeople close more sales, while the company experiences an increase in revenue.

Second, the qualified professional appointment setter is doing what they do best – cold calling to set qualified appointments. The separation of appointment setting and outside selling creates specialization in sales lead generation programs and an increase in performance. Consequently, this approach furnishes the outside sales force with a consistent, sustainable pipeline of qualified sales leads and appointments furnished by the professional appointment setters.

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